What is ESA Letter

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to be authorized to exercise the rights granted to people with an emotional support animal, you need one piece of documentation and one piece only: an emotional support animal letter (ESA letter.)

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Housing Rights for people with Emotional Support Animal

Thanks to current federal housing law, people with a proper ESA letter for housing are allowed by law to have their ESA live with them in rental or purchased property even if that property normally prohibits animals. Moreover, a landlord or property seller cannot charge extra fees, deposits or “pet rent” or impose additional requirements or restrictions on tenants with ESAs beyond those imposed on tenants without them.

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Breed Restrictions on ESAs

Are There Any Breed Restrictions on ESAs?

Learn all the qualifications for an emotional support animal and the distinctions between different types of ESAs, including any restrictions on breeds.

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