Official emotional support animal registration is, simply put, signing up with a reliable emotional support animal registration service to help you obtain an ESA letter from licensed physician in your state and better meet all the requirements to enjoy all the benefits of having an emotional support animal unencumbered. That means emotional support animal registration can help you to more easily and effectively fly on airplanes with your emotional support animal and take housing with your emotional support animal in residences that normally prohibit animals.


what is esa registration

Can you accomplish these same objectives without emotional support animal registration? All you need to reap the legal benefits of having an ESA is usually a valid ESA letter. Sometimes that alone is not enough, however. Other times, it may be enough to meet legal and policy requirements but not enough to prevent you from being subjected to hassles, delays, obstructions and other problems. Consider it like the difference between going to court with a lawyer and representing yourself.

Certainly, you are entitled to represent yourself, but common sense says only a fool would do so. The same logic could be said to apply to the difference between traveling or taking housing with your ESA with just an ESA letter alone and doing it with the full strength and support of a reliable emotional support animal registration service like backing you up with 24/7 verification through our partners at and toll free line 833 ESA CERT

Benefits of Emotional Support Animal Registration

Emotional support animal registration is a powerful tool you can use to travel with your ESA on airplanes and live together in housing that normally prohibits animals with greater ease and peace of mind than attempting these things without it. With emotional support animal registration, you’ll have an easier time getting approved and avoiding hassles boarding planes and obtaining housing with your ESA.

All the benefits of having an ESA are, therefore, easier to receive with emotional support animal registration, not the least being, of course, the mental and emotional safety and comfort to travel and live on your own where you otherwise might not be capable of doing so thanks to being able to keep your support animal with you. Other key benefits of emotional support animal registration include:

ESA registration with Certifymypet gives you the peace of mind that you will have everything you need to comply with all ESA laws and regulations so you can travel and take housing with your ESA without hassles or delays. That includes a legitimate prescription-style ESA letter issued by a real doctor in your state only after speaking with you to ensure you indeed qualify for an ESA and which meets all the requirements for approval by airlines and landlords.

ESA registration with Certifymypet also includes the authority of a third-party registry through which landlords and airlines can verify any customer’s ESA status and identify his or her ESA. The identification documents and accessories that come with Certifymypet registration also convey authority to housing and airline personnel and other customers to ensure you smooth passage without bother or obstruction.


ESA registration also gives you the surety that you will meet all the requirements of laws and airline or housing regulations regarding emotional support animals to fly or take housing with your ESA unencumbered. Only through emotional support animal registration with a reliable service like Certifymypet can you be sure you are also prepared to comply with any recent changes or updates in ESA laws or policies.


Emotional support animal registration also helps you enforce your exemption from any fees or penalties an airline or landlord may normally charge in order to allow a pet to fly or reside with you. It also keeps you from having to pay a pet security deposit to a landlord.

What Comes with Emotional Support Animal Registration?

By registering your ESA with Certifymypet, you get the following:

Legitimate ESA letter

There are many sellers of fake ESA letters taking advantage of ESA laws. Not only does this make it harder on legitimate ESA owners like you, but it also exposes unsuspecting ESA owners to potential hassles, delays and even denial of passage based on inadequate documentation.

When you register with Certifymypet, the first thing you get is a live, private video-conference with a doctor of mental health licensed to practice in your state to be sure you indeed meet all the qualifications to have an ESA and, assuming you do, to make sure that the letter you are provided proving this is proper and complete. Moreover, by setting you up with a doctor instead of just any Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, the ESA letter you receive is prescription-type.

Sample of Letter for Emotional Support Animal

Sample of ESA Letter

Identification cards

This official looking document can be presented to airport or airline personnel and housing administrators to show that you are allowed to have an ESA live and travel with you. While such identification is not legally required, as a valid ESA letter should suffice, a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) identification card provides extra protection against workers’ unawareness of ESA laws and regulations or their resistance to abiding by them. (They’re also, incidentally, protected from damage by water, weather and wear.) Simply put, a card issued by a third-party registrar identifying you as an authorized ESA owner is harder to refuse or deny than a mere ESA letter on its own.

Further, this card also contains valuable information the airline or housing personnel could use to verify your qualifications. Replacement ID cards are also readily available throughout the life of your ESA. In addition, you’ll receive both a physical certificate of your ESA authorization and digital version you can access from your phone or other device spur of the moment should the paper version become lost or damaged or the need otherwise ever arise.

Sample of ID Card for Emotional Support Animal

Sample of ID Card

Vest and Harness

Neither airports nor airlines require your ESA to wear a vest and harness identifying it as a service or assistance animal, only that the animal be under your control at all times. However, the presence of such an identifying vest can help make travel easier and more comfortable for you, airline personnel and your fellow passengers. An identifying vest helps staff to recognize your ESA’s legitimacy to be present on airport grounds and airline planes, and therefore leave you and your ESA alone and unhassled.

Similarly, a vest and harness help your fellow passengers to feel more comfortable around you and your animal, knowing the animal is providing you a vital service and is safe to be around. Most people also know when they see an animal in an identifying vest to leave it alone as it is a “working” animal and not just a pet. The vest and harness you get from Certifymypet are weatherproof, waterproof and reflective in the dark.

The harness and vest can also hold a waterproof/weatherpoof PVC ID tag identifying your animal as an authorized ESA. In addition to your name and the animal’s name, this card also contains a photograph of your ESA for even more complete identification (please make sure to upload a photo of your animal during sign up process).

Database Listing and ESA Letter Verification

By registering with Certifymypet, you are added to a nationwide database of people with legitimate ESA letters and their ESAs. With this database, Certifymypet is able to verify your identity and status as a valid ESA owner to any airline or housing personnel who inquire on your behalf. Staff are standing by 24/7/365 to verify claims whenever and wherever you need. or (833) ESA CERT

ESA Blog

It is important that you know your rights regarding your ESA when you travel or seek housing. That is the only way you can be sure your rights are protected and enforced. The ESA blog about emotional support animal registration explains all your rights to you regarding ESA ownership in clear, easy to understand language you can then easily explain to others, if the need arises. Included in this information are instructions on how to find out and abide by different airlines’ particular policies regarding ESAs on their flights.

Within the bounds of federal ESA law and the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are permitted to set additional rules and requirements for ESAs traveling on their planes.

These additional requirements may include:

Namely, your ESA’s current health and vaccination records and/or a statement from you that your animal is sufficiently well-behaved to be in public and on an airplane and that you take full responsibility for any and all actions and behaviors of your ESA while on airport and airline property.


Many airlines require you submit your ESA letter and any other required documentation at least 48 hours prior to your first flight’s departure time.


Be sure your ESA is not of a breed banned by any airline on which you will be traveling or it will be denied passage. Such breeds may include pit bull and snub-nosed dogs, snub-nosed cats (like persians) and certain other animal species.

Please read article Airlines are prohibited from barring ESA of any breed


Some airlines require an ESA that does not fit comfortably sitting or lying down on the floor in the area in front of your seat or in your lap to be placed in an airline-approved pet carrier and placed underneath the seat in front of you. Other airlines require all ESAs be placed in an airline-approved pet carrier during taxiing, takeoff, landing and turbulent periods of the flight or require certain species, breeds, or types of ESA to be placed in such a carrier at all times. Without such a carrier in your possession if and when you need it, your ESA may not be permitted to fly with you.


In addition to these requirements are certain restrictions airlines and landlords are permitted by law to institute at their discretion. These restrictions could significantly affect your ability to travel or take housing with your ESA, depending on your circumstances. It is therefore essentially you be informed of any such restrictions that might affect your travel or housing plans with your ESA. That is why the ESA blog also includes the specific restrictions different airlines and landlords may place on ESAs in their planes and residences.

This information and all the rest contained in the ESA blog will empower you to travel or take housing with your ESAs and ensure these tasks go smoothly and without a hitch.

Beware of Official Emotional Support Animal Registration Scams

As you consider the advantages of emotional support animal registration, consider that not all emotional support animal registration services are the same. In fact, not all of them are even legitimate. Sadly, just like there are purveyors of fake ESA letters trying to take advantage of vulnerable people like you, so too are there emotional support animal registration scams trying to do the same thing. Certifymypet wants to make you aware of these scams so that you can do your due diligence and be sure you do not let yourself be taken advantage of.

Here are some of the main signs of emotional support animal registration scams to recognize:

⚠ They tell you emotional support animal registration is required.

Official emotional support animal registration is not required to fly with your ESA or have one live with you in housing where animals are usually prohibited. All you need is a valid ESA letter. A legitimate emotional support animal registration service will never trick you into believing you need its service to comply with ESA laws and regulations. A legitimate ESA service like Certifymypet will merely inform you of why emotional support animal registration with that service is so valuable to you that it is worth having.

⚠They promise you a listing in an official registry.

To be clear, a database of people and their ESAs registered with a particular emotional support animal registration service is one thing. Certifymypet offers just this, and it is incredibly useful for helping you to verify your documentation when you travel or seek housing. Some ESA scams, however, claim to enroll their customers in a comprehensive, official type of nationwide database with a name like the “US ESA Registry” or the “National ESA Registry”. There is no such thing as a singular registry of all authorized ESA owners everywhere, and any company that even suggests otherwise is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

⚠They offer no screening or verification system.

The very least an emotional support animal registration service should be able to offer you is a legitimate ESA letter and the ability to back it up, if ever needed. Certifymypet gives you a live video-conference with a real doctor in your state to confirm your qualifications and write you a prescription-type letter. Then, Certifymypet’s verification system is at your disposal 24/7 should an airline or housing staff-member ever need to contact us to verify your ESA status.

Many other so-called emotional support animal registration services provide you with an ESA letter without ever having a doctor, or even a LMHP, screen you first to make sure you qualify. These same so-called emotional support animal registration services then offer no follow-up services to help back up this insufficient documentation if you are ever questioned by an airline or housing worker about it.

⚠Their airline and housing policy data is outdated or incomplete.

Certifymypet keeps up with all the latest changes in both the laws and company policies regarding ESAs in housing and airline travel. That includes keeping up with any updates to the Fair Housing Act or the Air Carrier Access Act. Any new information is then updated in the Certifymypet website and the guidebook you receive with your emotional support animal registration. Many fraudulent ESA services, however, don’t care to keep track of changes in law and policy, since the letters and services they provide are unlikely to help you travel and reside with your ESA anyway. By trusting an ESA scam, you could find yourself unprepared on your planned day of travel or housing interview to complete your trip or be approved for residence as planned. That is, you may be permitted to travel or sign a lease, but not with your ESA. By staying up to date with all the latest laws and policies, Certifymypet makes sure you show up on the day of travel or your housing interview prepared, so that you and your ESA can be travel and live together unbothered and safely.

How to Register Your ESA

While most ESAs are either dogs or cats, you can register any species, breed or type of emotional support animal, from pig to bird to iguana to chinchilla to miniature horse. Emotional support animal registration with Certifymypet is a simple three-step process:

Complete a patient intake form.


This includes providing your name or the name of the animal’s handler, the name of the ESA, the ESA’s species and/or breed, an uploaded image of the ESA and the address of you/the handler and the ESA.

Click Here to Register Your ESA

Video-conference with a physician licensed to practice in your state.


Explain your emotional disorder or disability in your own words and how an emotional support animal can help you reduce enough of the symptoms of that disability to enable you to perform those tasks.


Receive your ESA letter and emotional support animal registration extras.


You will receive a digital version of your Emotional support animal letter right after approval, also original will arrive in regular white envelop by USPS in 2-3 days.